Foundational Values



The following are the foundational values of the I Decide For Me curriculum:


We will be directive:
  • Presenting a reasonable approach – not emotionally charged or sensational
  • Emphasizing every person is valuable, worth protecting, and worth respecting
  • Directing to the healthiest/best lifestyle choices
  • Encouraging sexual integrity (abstinence until marriage)
  • Defining abstinence as the restraint from all sexual activity
  • Addressing consent must accompany sexual activity
  • Teaching that a sex drive is healthy, normal, and controllable
  • Presenting a character-based approach, which teaches abstinence until marriage as the behavior standard
  • Teaching that sexual activity can be positive and healthy within marriage
  • Encouraging secondary abstinence
  • Aiding in the development of self-respect, character, and integrity
We will encourage guidance and mentorship:
  • Pointing students toward trusted, Go-To adults for discussions and involvement
  • Empowering families and students to set boundaries both personally and within relationships
  • Seeking to establish a foundation of responsibility and accountability
We will teach from a Whole Person Perspective:
  • Emphasizing a whole-person approach – physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical/spiritual
  • Teaching that healthy decisions have healthy outcomes holistically
  • Stressing freedoms derived from saying “No”
  • Empowering students towards dignity and ethical behaviors
  • Using a comprehensive, holistic health model that uses facts, data, and real-life examples
We will be Medically Accurate:
  • Teaching age-appropriate material
  • Presenting fact-based, not fear-based, material
  • Teaching the difference between risk avoidance and risk reduction
  • Providing as-current data as possible from diverse resources
  • Redefining slang terms by using more accurate language
  • Helping students to discern the unhealthy messages from our media and culture, and the motivation behind such messages

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Foundational Values