I Decide for Me:
6th Grade Program

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education: A 4-day 60-minute program or a 5-day 45-minute presentation with relevant truth, compelling facts, and medically accurate data. Additional 2 doses available through student handout.

Day One
  • Introduction of Clarity and the presenter
  • Comprehensive, holistic health approach
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Emotional
    • Social
    • Ethical
  • Human Sexuality Terminology
  • Sexual Activity defined as the voluntary action which involves any part of one person’s body touching the private areas of another person’s body.
  • Gender defined as identification of a male or female.
  • Reproduction defined as how babies are made.
  • Puberty defined as how people change from children to adults.
    • Similar changes in both males and females
    • Changes in males
    • Changes in females


  • My choices affect every area of my whole person.
  • A person is valuable no matter how small, because a person is a person after all.
Day Two
  • Review of previous program content
  • Information Gathering
    • Media discounted as a credible source for obtaining information 
  • Marriage identified as the boundary for positive and healthy sexual activity
  • Identify Go-To Adults
    • Criteria includes:
      • Someone the student trusts
      • Over the age of 18
      • Someone the student sees on a regular basis
      • Must be making healthy life choices
  • Introduction of the CDC’s Six Critical Health Behaviors and expected healthy responses
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Injury and Violence
    • Tobacco Use
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Sexual Activity


  • Media’s lies won’t help you decide. Talk to your Go-To Adult today!
  • Abstinence until marriage is the healthiest choice because it protects our whole person.
Day Three
  • Review previous program content and continued discussion on 6 Critical Health  Behaviors
  • Definitions of sexual abstinence and sexual abuse
    • Sexual Abstinence defined as controlling the timing of sexual activity.
  • Sexual Abuse defined as unwanted sexual activity.
    • Consequences of Sexual Activity
    • Physical consequence of unplanned pregnancy
    • Physical consequence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and/or Sexually  Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
    • Emotional, Mental, Ethical, and Social Consequences
  • Establishing Personal Self-Control and Boundary Setting
    • Pornography defined as the viewing of nude or naked photos or videos for the purpose of sexual excitement.
    • Addiction defined as an urge to do something that is hard to control or stop.
  • Character building and friendship


  • Becoming a healthy adult requires self-control.
  • Becoming a healthy adult requires personal boundary setting.
Day Four
  • Review Previous Program Content
    • Answering anonymous student questions 
  • Personal Boundary setting in regard to sexual activity and physical consequences that can occur
  • Responsible social media usage
    • Instruction given on how to respond when exposed to pornography.
    • Sexting defined as texting nude or naked pictures or sexually explicit messages by a mobile device.
  • Refusal skills
  • Equip students with tools they can utilize with their Go-To adults


  • Marriage is the healthiest boundary for positive sexual activity.
  • Healthy boundaries will keep you safe on the Internet.
  • When I’m uncomfortable I can say, “NO!

*Each I Decide for Me (IDFM) program uses anonymous, matched entry and exit surveys to confirm changes in attitude and knowledge for the purpose of measuring the program’s effectiveness. All survey materials have been reviewed and approved by Pearl Pathways Institutional Review Board in accordance with state and federal research regulations. 

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