I Decide for Me +
8th Grade Program

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education: A 5-day, 45-50-minute presentation with relevant truth, compelling facts, and medically accurate data.

Day One
  • Introduction of Clarity and Speaker
    • Services of Clarity
    • Definition of Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SARE)
    • Use of QR codes
  • Relationships
    • Dating Relationships and Friendships
    • 10 Green Flags of Healthy Relationships
    • 10 Red Flags of Unhealthy Relationships
  • Important Definitions
    • Sex/Sexual Activity
    • Sexual Abstinence
    • Intimacy
    • Secondary Abstinence
    • Consent
  • Holistic Health: Sexual Activity affects the Whole Person


  • Most teens are not having sex.
  • Every person is valuable and worth protecting and respecting.
  • All people deserve factual and truthful information regarding sexual activity.
  • Human beings are more than just physical. They are emotional, mental, social, and ethical beings. 
Day Two
  • Holistic Health
    • Applied through Real Life application
      • Physical
      • Emotional
      • Mental
      • Ethical
      • Social 
    • Self-Efficacy
  • Go-To Adult
    • What a Go-to Adult “is” and “is not”
    • Important topics to discuss with Go-To Adults
    • Effective Communication with Go-To Adults
  • Healthy Boundaries
    • Definition of a Boundary
    • Boundaries are used to:
      • Protect oneself
      • Make healthy choices
      • Recognize healthy vs. unhealthy choices
    • Assertive Language/Gift of “NO” 


  • All people have value and worth.
  • It is important to talk to parents or Go-To Adults about sex.
  • Because I value me, boundaries are key.
Day Three
  • Ethical Boundaries (Principles of Right and Wrong)
    • Understanding Respect
      • How “I” want to be treated
      • How “I” will treat others
    • Assertive Language/Gift of “NO”- As a way for people to respectfully say “No,” and to require respect of another.
  • Physical Boundaries
    • Physical Intimacy Progression Chart
    • Setting Physical Boundaries ahead of time
    • Recognizing others Physical Boundaries
    • Physical Affection should equal the level of commitment.
  • Sexual Activity is a Gamble
    • Teen pregnancy statistics
    • Teen/Young Adult STD/STI statistics 


  • Sexual Activity should always include consent.
  • My boundaries are worth respecting.
  • Physical boundaries regarding sexual activity should be set ahead of time. Sexual Activity is positive and healthy in a faithful marriage.
  • Choosing to be sexually active even once could result in a pregnancy or an STD/STI. Abstinence before marriage is the healthiest choice.
Day Four
  • Critical Health Behaviors
    • Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use
    • Unintentional Injuries
    • Violence and Teen Dating Violence
    • Nutrition and Physical Activity
    • Sexual Behaviors
  • Mental Boundaries (Understanding what feeds the mind)
  • Media
    • Music
    • Television/movies
    • Social Media
    • Video Games
  • Pornography
    • How to set a healthy boundary
    • Addiction 


  • Most media are meant for entertainment and do not give factual information about the consequences of sex.
  • Viewing pornography steals from the purity of the mind. Protect your mind and body by avoiding addictive behaviors.
Day Five
  • Social Boundaries
    • Social: Relating to Others
    • Intimacy (Not all intimacy is romantic)
    • Setting Social Boundaries
    • Social Media/Sexting
  • Emotional Boundaries
    • Identifying and Understanding Emotions
    • Emotions’ role in Decision Making
    • Reacting to Another’s Emotions
  • Hope
    • Healthy Choices/Predictable Path
    • Benefits of marriage
    • A person isn’t defined by past unhealthy choices 


  • Saying “NO” protects me and others. Personal and private information should never be shared online.
  • I can control how I respond to my emotions and to the emotions of others.
  • Sexually active teens can choose Secondary Abstinence.
  • Making healthy choices today directs your path to a healthy future.

*Each I Decide for Me (IDFM) program uses anonymous, matched entry and exit surveys to confirm changes in attitude, knowledge and intended behavior change for the purpose of measuring the program’s effectiveness. All survey materials have been reviewed and approved by Pearl Pathways Institutional Review Board in accordance with state and federal research regulations.

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