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Let’s Talk About It – Session One

“What Happened To My Baby?” with Lori Kuykendall.

Ever look at your teen and wonder…when did this happen? So many critical changes occur in these pre-teen and teenage years. During this time, it’s hard to be a teen, and it’s hard to be a parent! This webinar is for everyone hoping to better understand adolescent brain development, behavior, and communication challenges. Click on the image to watch!

View a summary of our live Q&A from the webinar, Session #1: Q&A Summary PDF

Let’s Talk About It – Session Two

“Hang Up and Hang Out” with Lori Kuykendall.

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and it’s difficult to know how to handle your teen’s use of it. In this second session with Lori Kuykendall, we will talk all things technology, digital citizenship, and rewards and risks, including sexting and pornography. This will equip you in better understanding the reality of this tech world, how to manage it in your life as well as your teen’s, and how to have open conversations regarding it. Click on the image to watch!

Let’s Talk About It – Session Three

“Rock ‘The Talk’” with Lori Kuykendall.

The most influential presence in a child’s life is their parent, and what you have to say when it comes to ‘the talk’ matters! In this session, Lori will guide us through how to discuss sexual risks with your teen, alongside promoting physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health. Click on the image to watch!

Let’s Talk About It – Session Four

“’Just Right’ Parenting” with Lori Kuykendall.

Parenting teens can feel like a balancing act, but Lori Kuykendall is back to help us in finding that balance in positive parenting. We will discuss research of the “power of a parent” when it comes to parental influence, passing on family values, and strengthening parent-child relationships. Click on the image to watch!

Let’s Talk About It – Session Five

“Because I Care” with Lori Kuykendall.

For the past four sessions, we’ve focused primarily on educating parents. Our last video with Lori Kuykendall is your chance to bring your teen into the conversation! We invite both parents and youth (middle and high school age) to session five, where we will be promoting discussion about sexual values and decisions while strengthening communication and connectedness.

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