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Join us for a free and educational webinar on zoom for parents of teens, hosted by Clarity of South Central Indiana and Lori Kuykendall. Next up is Session 4 in our 5-part series, titled “‘Just Right’ Parenting.” Parenting teens can feel like a balancing act, but Lori Kuykendall is back to help us in finding that balance in positive parenting. We will discuss research of the “power of a parent” when it comes to parental influence, passing on family values, and strengthening parent-child relationships. Following our webinar, we will have a live Q&A.

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Follow along for 5 sessions with Lori Kuykendall that will empower parents to confidently and effectively engage with their teens. Upcoming topics will include technology, prepping you to rock “the talk,” balanced and positive parenting, and strengthening the connection between child and parent. 

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